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Paolo Massima creates and markets simple marble objects for interior decoration but produces more complex creations in very limited editions or on request.

Paolo wants to share the experience of marble and its assembly with other natural materials, to enhance it in everyday uses and decoration.

For sale

You will find below some models for sale: if these interest you please contact him, he will be happy to send you pictures of those he has in stock or in progress, the veins will not be those products pictured, each piece is unique, there will probably even be a choice! They will always be limited series pieces.

Observing and scrutinizing one of his creations, one of his very first clients told him: “I have the impression that I have already been there …”: quite a program!


He dedicates part of his time researching new combinations or designs, sometimes the prototypes aren’t fully successful , in research and development sometimes one searches without finding much…

Over time he integrated the notion of light and lighting to enhance the characteristics of certain stones. He tries to combine stones with other materials, this page has barely opened, finding the right balance is always a difficult exercise.







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