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The emotion that permeates you in a landscape drives you to pass it on, to cultivate it, to be part of its history.

It’s hard to be unsensitive to the spectacular territory and the many art towns and villages with captivating charms, Italy and Tuscany are not a world tourist and cultural destination for nothing.

Paolo Massima hopes succeeding in communicating and suggesting through his products the palette of materials and vocabulary of landscapes and architectures offered by Italy, his inspiration drawn more precisely from Tuscany and Lazio.

It’s all over

The heart of the marble extraction and transformation area is definitely not the most glamorous part of Tuscany, but remains touching from many angles and in many details: the material has infiltrated wherever it could, in architecture and shops. Cities such as Carrara or Massa do not reveal themselves easily, such as marble itself, they must be “sculpted”, their assets must “be deserved”.

Bloc of marble on the port of Carrara

Slow-life in Carrare

Torano, a village for the quarry workers

Regional pride

You will discover artist studios, unexpected exhibition areas, and a rich fusion of international youth and deeply rooted local (older) people.

The inhabitants of the region are particularly proud of the natural show offered to them, wherever you look it won’t escape from your vision, despite all the contradictions and conflicts that the industry has created over the centuries.

Architecture detail in a village

Quarries seen from the seaside

Outdoors workshop

The Massima univers in motion

A place to not miss if you’re touring around in the area:
Another exceptional place if you wish to dig in deeper:

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