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Paolo Massima invites you to support with him the craftsmanship of natural stones and marbles, he will know how to address those whose expertise most closely matches your designs.

Massima initiated 6 years ago, creates and sells its own collections but is also aimed at decorators, designers and interior architects who wish to develop their own products, unique or in limited series, in marble and natural stones.

Paolo Massima runs this young French company which works directly with artisans and small family businesses in the marble area between Carrara and Pietrasanta, in northern Tuscany in Italy. He takes great pleasure in helping these companies continue to practice their art from generation to generation.

Work with a lathe

Machines with delicate marble coating

Want a slice ?

Paolo wants to share the experience of marble and its assembly with other materials, to enhance it in everyday uses and decoration.


Marble has an image of luxury and can seem “out of reach” … Paolo will show you that this is what was made of it, and why for some applications it can only be that, yet for many projects it can be quite accessible.

Travelling to Italy for his own projects and commissions on a regular basis, he offers to help you with yours: send him a drawing or sketches with some dimensions and engage the discussion, with very little input he can give you some first cost elements.



Please note: its services are limited to “isolated” and small objects, at least that can be handled by a single person, he does not manage construction sites or kitchen nor bathroom items that must be integrated into an existing environment, but rather their accessories: trays, small furniture, lamps etc …

Its head office is based in the Lyon region and has a local base not far from the production area.

Communication experiences

Massima was present at several trade fairs in Europe, is regularly present at fairs in France, participated in “off” exhibitions of the Milan furniture fair, participates as a patron of the traveling exhibition “la Casa di Pietra” promoted by the communication consultancy firm GumDesign in Tuscany.

Ambiente – Frankfurt 2015

Maison & Objet – Paris 2016

Art & Décoration – Paris 2017/18/19/20

Salons à Lyon et Annecy – 2016/17/18

1rst Casa di Pietra Exhibition in Pietrasanta in 2017

La Casa di Pietra:
For a broader choice and inspiration please visit:

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